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Our Humanitarian Trip To The Dominican Republic

AS MANY OF YOU KNOW, DURING THE FIRST week of September our team had the privilege of traveling down to the Dominican Republic on a dental humanitarian trip. The trip was an amazing experience, better than most of us could have imagined.

We Spent Our Days Seeing Patients In Our Mobile Clinic

While in the Dominican Republic we went into villages daily, set up a mobile clinic and worked to meet the dental needs of the locals there. Most villages we visited were called Bateys. These are villages in the middle of sugar cane fields that are set up by the owners of the fields for their workers. These people are the poorest of poor in the Dominican Republic and despite having work, they are still struggling to make ends meat. They are paid $1 for every ton of sugar cane they harvest. It is grueling and back breaking labour.

Since they are surrounded by sugar cane it has become a staple in their diet. Due to this constant intake of sugar their teeth were filled with decay, many beyond repair. The hygienists cleaned teeth while the dentists placed fillings, extracted teeth, placed bridges and did any other work necessary.

“It’s Not About Teeth, It’s About People”

Even though we saw a lot of teeth we were quickly reminded that it is “not about the teeth, it is about the people”. When we slowed our pace down we were able to take time to build relationships and learn from the Dominican people. We know that we were able to make an impact but we consider this trip a gift to us. We gained experiences and made friendships that will last a lifetime and the people of the Dominican truly changed us and touched our hearts.

Thank You So Much For YOUR Help…

We want to thank all of our amazing patients who took part in all of our fundraising events and made this trip possible for us. Because of your help, many lives were changed in the Dominican Republic, not just the locals but our lives as well. We are so thankful that we have patients like you who care about making a difference in our world.

We invite you to take the time to see more pictures from our trip by visiting our album on Facebook.

Feel free to ask us questions at your next dental visit, we would love to talk to you more about our experiences.

-The Team at Speedvale Dental Centre


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