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Patient Spotlight: Meet Lynsey

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD US say we have the best patients? Ok, maybe a few times! Not only are our patients great, they do some pretty awesome things as well. That is why we want to put the spotlight on our patient Lynsey Frangakis.

Lynsey has been a patient at our office for many years. In 2011 she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Even though she was given such terrible news Lynsey remained positive and we believe it is her positivity and kind spirit that is the truly the remarkable thing about her. Every time she enters the office her smile brightens the room.

Lynsey Has Dedicated Herself To Helping Others

Lynsey has been through so much but rather than placing the emphasis on herself she has put it all on helping others. In the early stages of her diagnosis Lynsey started a blog about her journey to help encourage and inspire others who may be dealing with similar issues. On her 25th birthday she dedicated her day to doing 25 random acts of kindness and she encouraged other people to do the same.

Jenna’s Jems Raises Money To Help Lynsey

In 2012 a 10 year old girl named Jenna came into Lynsey’s life and started “Jenna’s Jems”. She sells bracelets to raise money to help Lynsey with her medical expenses. She has raised $3000 to date!

Our team at Speedvale Dental Centre wants to support Lynsey and Jenna and that is why we are selling Jenna’s Jems at the front desk in our office. If you are interested in supporting Lynsey come by and buy a $5 bracelet. All the money will go directly towards helping Lynsey on her journey.

For More Information…

To find out more information about Jenna’s Jems you can visit Jenna’s blog here:

To read more about Lynsey’s journey you can read her blog here:


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